Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Which Web Browsers are supported?

    • Online Management Accounts

      • Internet Explorer 8 +
      • Firefox 3.6 +
      • Opera 11 +
      • Safari 5+
    • Online User Account for completing Profiles and Questionnaires

      • Internet Explorer
      • Firefox 3.6 +
      • Opera 9+
      • Safari 5+
    • Your Web Browser Must:

      1. Accept Session/State Cookies
      2. Have a JavaScript enabled web browser.

    The above are usually enable by default on most modern web browsers installations. If access to the internet in through a proxy server or corporate network it needs to allow cookies and to connect to a secure server using the HTTPS protocol.

  2. Every time I login or try to register it says my session has timed out.

    It seems your Web Browser is not accepting Session Cookies (Test Session Cookies), see System Requirements above.

  3. Why does the Peoplescan software state, 'This software does not operate on a network'?

    The software is provided under a Single Machine License and will only work on a local hard drive, meaning that the software will only work from the computer where it was installed. You cannot create a short cut to it from another computer system over a network. The software license is only valid for the machine where the software was installed and cannot be moved to other systems. This means that the software cannot be shared over a networked system.

  4. I have restored a backup of my registry or Peoplescan software files, why won't the software work?

    You will need to uninstall Peoplescan software and then install the software again.

  5. Why does the Peoplescan software keep requesting me to register?

    Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 you will need to install and run the software using the 'Run as Administrator' option. If you have already registered and unlocked the software, this can happen if you have restored your registry in which case follow the instructions in the above question.

  6. Does the Peoplescan software work on a MAC (Macintosh)?

    Yes, but you require additional third-party software that emulates a PC such as iEmulator. Please note, we cannot provide any support in the use of any third-party software.

  7. I have installed and unlocked the software, but it fails to function correctly.

    This can happen when the software has been installed on a networked or shared computer system running Windows 2000 or XP. If an administrator or another user account installs the software, the software will not work correctly. When the software is installed, settings are stored in the registry, under the users account. This means that another user will not have access to these settings. The software will need to be un-installed and installed through the users windows account. We recommend that you do not modify the system registry as a work-around. If your running the software under Windows Vista or Windows 7 try to run the software using the 'Run as Administrator' option.

  8. Why don't I receive your emails?

    If you are not receiving email from us your ISP may be filtering our email. Many ISP (Internet Service Providers) and mail service providers like Yahoo and Hotmail are starting to use filters to keep out spam. Unfortunately, this often means they are keeping out our email to you.

    Here's how to make sure that you receive our email, you must make sure we are 'white-listed' in your email program, spam filter, and ISP.

    1. Whitelisting us in your email program:

      If your mail program uses an approved senders list, or a Whitelisting, put our email addresses on that list: Peoplescan You should also add us to your address book. Most e-mail software now has both built-in spam-filtering and Whitelisting features. You can also create your own special filters to accept and file incoming e-mail, and to trash other ones.

      See your software's help menu for information about spam filters, Whitelisting, and creating your own filters, so that you can indicate to your software to accept mail from Peoplescan Your email program may have its own spam (or 'junk') filter. Look at your options for settings on your email to find out how to make sure that your email accepts mail from Peoplescan

    2. Whitelisting us in your spam filter software.

      If you use a spam filter outside your email server as well (like SpamKiller, SpamKiller, SpamAssassin and McAfee), make sure that you have white-listed email from Peoplescan

    3. Whitelisting us with your ISP (Earthlink, Comcast, etc.) or mail service (Yahoo, Hotmail mail, etc.)

      Your ISP may be filtering our email to you without telling you in an attempt to keep spam from overrunning your inbox. There are different ways to 'Whitelisting' our email, depending on your ISP or mail service, so see which one applies to you:

    For more information refer to your ISP's help or contact their support team.